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Prehistoric Animal Trade Cards

Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society member Kevin O'Neill shows his dinosaur related interest in trade cards and stickers that here feature the group of winged or flying reptiles - pterosaurs.

Barratt Preondactylus

Barratt Candy Sticks, "Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals". No. 25 of a series of 48, Preondactylus.
Cadbury Pteranodon
Cadbury Scheweppes, "Age of the Dinosaurs". No. 8 in a series of 12, Pteranodon


Dsungaripterus sticker issued by Bernard.
FantastiCards Pterodactyl
This card is No. 129 from a series called FantastiCards (Dinos Plus) and features a fossil pterodactyl.
Brooke Bond Pterodactyl
This is a card Brooke Bond picture card from a series of 40 on "Unexplained Mysteries" The card is No. 27, "The Pterodactyl Mystery" and questions the ability of pterosaurs to fly and why they developed such large wings without the bone structure to support them in flight.
Pepsi Pteranodon
No. 15, Pteranodon in DinoCardz issued by Pepsi.
GB Tea Pterodactyl
This card was issued with Gowers & Burgons tea and is No. 1, Pterodactyl, in the "Prehistoric Animals" series of 25. This series was also issued by Clover Dairies Limited
Texan Prehistoric Animals Pteranodon

Texan Chew Bar "Texan Prehistoric Animals" sticker card printed by Panini This is a Pteranodon, No. 4 in a series of 18.
Bigger in Texas Quetzalcoatlus
"The Reign of the Pterosaurs" by Cottage Cards, this Quetzalcoatlus "Bigger in Texas!" is No. 17 in a set of 18.

Kevin O'Neill is a member of Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society and the Dinosaur Collectors' Club. He can be contacted through the Contact menu option above.

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