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Pyritised ammonites from Golden Cap, near Charmouth.

What caused the Cretaceous/Paleogene mass extinction? Dr James Barnet PhD.

Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society member James Barnet shares some of his PhD research at the University of Exeter that can help to shed some new light on the Cretaceous/Paleogene mass extinction. Click here for this feature page.

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Stegosaurus card.

Stegosaurus card issued with Pepsi Cola in 1992.

Kevin O'Neill's Collectables

On this page Kevin O'Neill shares with us some of the trade cards featuring dinosaurs from his collection. Click here for this feature page.

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Jim Goulding.

Former SMFS Chairman Jim Goulding with some of his extensive collection of pyromorphite specimens.

Jim Goulding on Pyromorphite

Sadly Jim Goulding passed away in January 2010. He had a passion for the mineral pyromorphite. In this feature page Jim shares that passion with us. Click on this link Pyromorphite to learn more. We have kept this feature unchanged as a tribute to Jim and his contribution to the Society and mineral collecting as a hobby.

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Collecting equipment

A guide to geological collecting equipment.

Geological Collecting Equipment

One of the greatest enquiries we get via this website is requests for advice on collecting tools and equipment. This is a guide to what equipment you will need, and how to use it, to get the best from your hobby. Click here for this feature page.

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